Rooms & Suites

Elegance and refinement in the 75 luxury rooms and suites at the Ortea Palace.
Bright, spacious and welcoming interiors, Italian design furniture and precious curtains that recall the shades of blue sea, green, pearl gray and cardinal red. All rooms feature classic and precious marbles in a harmonious contrast with chandeliers and modern details, along with the most advanced technologies.
Equipped with private balconies, the Junior Suites and Suites offer beautiful sunsets over the sea of Ortigia and one of the most beautiful and evocative locations on the island.

24 sqm / 1st-2nd Floor
34-39 sqm / 1st-2nd Floor
36 sqm / 1st-2nd Floor
44 sqm / 1st-2nd Floor
52 sqm / 1st-2nd Floor
48 sqm / 1st-2nd Floor
57-65 sqm / 1st-2nd Floor
40-44 sqm / 3rd Floor
94 sqm / 3rd Floor
104 sqm / 3rd Floor